About Us.

For over a decade, Prismajic has been on a mission to empower people to explore themselves and the world around them using the power of immersive art. Using traditional art forms and cutting-edge technology, we create beautiful, elegant experiences that surround our guests, engage their senses, and transport them to new worlds, all while encouraging them to consider new ways of thinking.

Our mission is simple:

to harness the power of art to transform how people look at themselves and the world. 
Will you join us? 

What Our Visitors Say

"Prismajic brings immersive, interactive experiences to Denver that combine visual art and digital technology. Shiki Dreams takes visitors on a spiritual journey through a virtual reality forest."

USA Today

"Don't miss! I've already attended this twice and hope to go again soon. There are worlds within worlds within worlds in there. So much to see and explore and be in awe of the artists' expression of their imagination."

Shannon W.

"It really is a magical out of the box idea! Best date night we had in a while."

Rachel S.

"Shiki Dreams is a delightful experience for adults and children. It felt like wandering around in a 3-D fairy tale."

Miranda I.

"Absolute diamond in the rough! We had a blast exploring this amazing interactive art experience. The attention to detail was outstanding, and it's an experience ages 4-100 would love to see."

Casey W.

"Shiki Dreams was such a delightful, magical experience!!! Wandering inside, you immediately become immersed in a fantasy world that soothes your soul, engages true nature and inspires you to dream with all your heart!"


We Build Immersive Experiences…

What’s an immersive experience? It’s something that surrounds you, engages your senses, and transports you to another world, empowering you to explore yourself and the world around you. We combine cutting-edge technology and physical art to create spaces of great wonder, discovery, and joy.

We’ve been building for 10 years…

Prismajic started building immersive experiences for corporate clients in 2013 under the name Artistry Events & Design. Our goal was to eventually open our own experiences that would allow us to pursue our dream and mission of bringing the power of immersive art to everyone.

In 2019 we opened our first immersive experience, Natura Obscura, in partnership with a local museum. That experience put Prismajic on the map. Our second experience, Shiki Dreams, was a small pop up we built while looking for a permanent home. Much to our delight it was named the 4th Best Immersive Experience in the country by USA Today.

We’re now excited to bring that experience on a much larger, more elaborate scale to Colorado Mills.

Who We Are

Prismajic is a team of artists, creatives, and craftspeople who love what they do and are dedicated to the mission of helping people relate to the world in a different way.

Eric Jaenike 
Cofounder, President
Runs all things business
Jennifer Mosquera
Cofounder, Head of Creative
Runs all things creative
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