Did you know that Shiki Dreams experience is designed to tap into the calm part of your nervous system? 

That part of the nervous system is called the parasympathetic and by the body’s design it cannot be turned on, rather the sympathetic (activating) part of the nervous system needs to turned off!  We believe that the body is constantly being confronted by activating forces, and it can be well served with a relief from all of the activity. That …

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Recycled Materials! 

Shiki Dreams is a wonderland of reused and recycled materials!  Being a small company, we are always looking for ways to achieve the aesthetic we want without an expensive bottom line. How do we achieve this? Well we use a lot of materials we can get for cheap or free as well as being resourceful about learning and applying our …

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Fun facts about the the wishes that you leave for Shiki in Shiki Dreams! 

The paper wishes that are found throughout Shiki Dreams are inspired by the Japanese tradition of Tanabata. Tanabata is a Japanese holiday (also known as the Star Festival) that people generally celebrate by writing wishes, sometimes in the form of poetry, on tanzaku, small pieces of paper, and hanging them on bamboo.  In the experience Shiki asks for guests to write …

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Soulful Sunday

As the room filled up on Sunday morning, I could see the wonder in people’s eyes as they entered The Night Owls. The serene and subdued atmosphere held space for the people that were wandering in and also set the mood.

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