Recycled Materials! 

Shiki Dreams is a wonderland of reused and recycled materials! 

Being a small company, we are always looking for ways to achieve the aesthetic we want without an expensive bottom line. How do we achieve this? Well we use a lot of materials we can get for cheap or free as well as being resourceful about learning and applying our talents! 

Using our local craigslist, free cycle, and marketplaces, we search for materials that can be used to create these majical sets. 

We have used old fence sections to build something like Shiki’s Hut, or add wainscoting in The Night Owls Bar. Rubber mulch on the shoreline, and we have even learned how to morph PVC pipe into whimsical trees through Shiki’s landscape. 

But sometimes we get our hands on something even more spectacular, like the enormous styrofoam blocks we removed off a local farm. 

During the recent Shiki Dreams build we found these styrofoam blocks that were 15’ long and 4’ deep and 4’ wide. All for free- we just needed to figure out how to move them, cut them and fireproof them! We went through iterations where we built tools, donned hazmat suits, tried hot knifing, until we figured out how to make something that we could safely and creatively insert into the landscape. 

It is the most fun when we as a team all come together and collectively put our ideas, efforts and talents together and create something as amazing as this! It astounds each and every one of us, and for me is one of my most favorite pieces of majic that happens within Prismajic. 

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