Soulful Sunday

As the room filled up on Sunday morning, I could see the wonder in people’s eyes as they entered The Night Owls. The serene and subdued atmosphere held space for the people that were wandering in and also set the mood. A cacao ceremony, breathwork and prompted journaling throughout the Shiki Dreams experience created by Prismajic was how we would all be spending the morning. 

As we all gathered, we were welcomed by soothing music and were all asked to sit on our yoga mats in the center of the room. An introduction and then explanation of the nature of cacao and its ability to open the heart set us off on this wellness adventure.

Kass, of The Inspired Warrior project, led the breathwork helping us slow down, inhale love and exhale all that we wanted to release. The sensations of tingling as the oxygen filled our lungs and bodies energized and soothed me and helped firmly plant me in my body and out of my ever chattering brain.

After the breathwork, we entered the mystical world of Shiki Dreams to sit down, reflect and journal. In each of these rooms journaling prompts were placed so that the explorer could “explore what you want more of in your life” or examine “what is not working for me?”. The rooms each have their own scent and vibe, allowing us all to find the one that suited us and supported what internal journey we chose to explore. Not a word was spoken. The pens moved rapidly on the page and only the sounds of the immersive environment could be heard.

After the journaling concluded we resumed in The Night Owls where we partook in an adaptogenic drink and had some food and the opportunity to share with one another what we had internally explored. Vulnerability, and truths were shared. A group of very different people came together for that Sunday, but each one of us, no matter how different, saw ourselves in each other. A small community was created that morning in a very special and meaningful way.

It was a great joy to go on this journey and I am excited for our next Soulful Sunday on June 30th. We will be soon sending details on how to join us in this beautiful adventure of sharing, vulnerability and exploration. I invite you now to mark your calendars and save space in your busy life for you.

– Jennifer Mosquera

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