The Night Owls Introduces the Shrub!  

What is a shrub?

A shrub is a drinking vinegar- made most commonly with ACV (apple cider vinegar) and fruits and aromatics.  It is a refreshing non-alcoholic drink when added to seltzer, tonic or juice. And a shrub acts as a mixer with your spirit of choice in making a cocktail.  

Where the shrub began.

In 17th century England, vinegar was used to preserve fruit and berries for the winter. This practice was brought overseas to America by new comers. By the 19th century, shrub recipes modified this preservation practice into pouring vinegar over fruit, and allowing the mixture to steep for a few days so that it could be quickly made for these vinegar tonics.  

Why drink a shrub? It is refreshing and delicious! If you have never tried one before, now is your chance to explore something new. And it has some health benefits as well.  

ACV kills bacteria, eases indigestion, and the polyphenols in vinegar have been shown to fight cancer. 

What we made! Watermelon jalapeño AVC shrub. – Sweet and spicy! How to drink it? As a mocktail- add seltzer or tonic for a spicy and sweet refreshment. 

As a cocktail – Spicy Sandia Shrub Margarita! 

Or get adventurous and chat with our amazing bartenders and see where you go! 

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